A Comprehensive Guide to Poop Coffee and What Types of coffee
A Comprehensive Guide to Poop Coffee and What Types of coffee

A Comprehensive Guide to Poop Coffee and What Types of It

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Consuming coffee made from Roasted and brewed beans that an animal had eaten and Excreted? Does that sound appetizing or repulsive? In any case, this kind of coffee is authentic. And the cost of a taste can reach $80 per cup. For coffee enthusiasts, drinking animal excrement coffee first thing in the morning isn’t exactly their first option. The priciest coffee beans in the world, however, have some coffee connoisseurs gagging over them. These specialty coffee beans have created a stir among both coffee and non-coffee drinkers because they involve crap. They cost money and are just as unusual as one could imagine. These are some of the rarest and priciest coffee beans available right now. If you are looking for the, best coffee roaster nyc click on the link to find the perfect match for you.

These are the top four varieties of coffee made from animal dung.

1. Kopi Luwak Coffee (Civet Coffee)

Coffee cherries have a distinct flavor because of the way that civet cats consume them in their stomachs and digestive systems. The bean’s flavor is imparted by the cherries as they break down around it. The cherries are collected and ready for eating when they are passed by the civet cat. It’s not the cat’s active act that gives the flavor, but rather the breakdown of the cherry and digestive enzymes. kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in this world, The lengthy process and hefty material costs result in expensive prices for the beans.

Maintaining the overall flavor and caliber of the beans depends on providing the civet cat with proper care. The flavors may change depending on the cat’s diet and stress level, which could make them less appealing.Kopi Luwak, a rare and expensive coffee, is produced annually in an estimated fifty tons. Despite its rarity and the long production process, it is one of the most expensive coffees to drink, with a total production of nine and a half billion tons. The high cost of Kopi Luwak beans reflects the high production costs of traditional coffees.

2. Black Ivory Coffee

In Chiang Saen, Thailand, the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation sanctuary produces the coffee brand Black Ivory Coffee. Elephant dung is the right response, indeed. About twenty rescued elephants are cared for at the refuge, and Arabica coffee beans constitute a part of their diet. Before being gathered and processed, the beans need to digest between 15 to 70 hours. It’s said that the other components in the elephants’ stomachs add to Black Ivory Coffee’s distinct, velvety flavor. The good news is that a portion of the sales goes towards supporting the maintenance and medical treatment of the elephants that live at the refuge, even though you’ll probably have to fly to enjoy a cup of this specialty coffee at a five-star hotel.

3. Jacu Bird Coffee

Similar to the civet, the native Jacu bird of Brazil consumes ripe coffee cherries. Workers gather the bird droppings on a tiny coffee plantation in Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo, and carry them to places where they are cleaned, dried, and kept in preparation for processing. The outcome, according to aficionados of this unusual coffee, is a sweet, full-bodied coffee with a subtle cinnamon flavor and a clean, smooth aftertaste.

4. Coatis Coffee

Except for the fact that the adorable little animal that spits it out belongs to the same family as raccoons, coatis coffee is harvested and processed quite similarly to civet coffee. You may hear this kind of poop coffee referred to as either mishmash coffee or uchunari coffee because they are also known by these names. Additionally, the coffee generated from these little guys’ droppings is known as Peruvian excrement coffee because it is made in Peru. Find out more about Peruvian coffee.


Rhesus monkeys in Chikmagalur, India, who inhabit areas close to coffee plantations, are experimenting with an unusual way to make coffee. Coffee berries are picked from the ground and chewed on by them before being spat out, creating a distinctive and delectable coffee experience.

Workers gather the berries that the monkeys have consumed and spit onto the ground. The enzymes in coffee beans are broken down by the monkey’s saliva, changing the coffee’s original flavor. The beans appear grey instead of their typical green color after they are harvested because of the rinsing, washing, processing, and drying steps.


Black Ivory Coffee, as it is commonly called, is made in Surin, Thailand, most especially in Ban Taklang. This product is made by Thai elephants in Ban Taklang, Surin, Thailand. The coffee beans are fed to the elephants along with fruits, and it takes them one to three days to finish them. A procedure that would never happen in the natural is the extraction of the beans by farmers from their excrement.


The Jacu Bird is a herbivorous bird that enhances the inherent properties of coffee beans by feeding on the cherries. These birds, which were first taken from Henrique Sloper’s farm in Camocim, Brazil, digest food quickly, and after they eat, their excrement is collected from the ground. This coffee made from bird feces is a tasty and unusual treat.

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