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Removals Birmingham

How to move as cheaply as possible? | Birmingham Movers

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In a few days, your life will have a new start. After several years in this area, you are about to settle into your new home. But, moving can quickly become expensive. So, find out how to avoid going broke. Whether it is to change their living environment, have larger accommodation or pay lower rent, 1 in 2 UK people want to move during the year. It is in movers and packers that this wish is most expressed.

Sort things out before moving!

Moving is a golden opportunity to finally sort your belongings. Those clothes that have been stagnant at the bottom of your closet for years, that household appliance that has never served you, that furniture that is unsuitable for your new life. Clearing out your closets can not only help you travel light but also help you save some precious dollars. Donate things you no longer use or sell them at low prices.

Move at the right time

It’s crazy how much professional movers’ prices can change from month to month. From the beginning of June to the end of March, their prices are on average 40% more expensive than during the rest of the year. At the origin of this inflation, the summer holidays which all families use to move. The same logic applies to the day you leave. Very useful to avoid missing a day of work, the weekend is a victim of its success. When moving on a business day, you will be surprised by the price difference. Skeptical? So make a price estimate on

Take advantage of state aid

Did you know that the government had created allowances to reduce the cost of moving? To move more cheaply, you can use the Family Allowance Fund, abbreviated CAF, or the I Removals Birmingham. In the first case, all of your moving costs can be reimbursed with a ceiling of 969.10. To do this, your home must meet three conditions:

  1. Have at least three dependent children (born or unborn).
  2. Be eligible for Personal Housing Assistance (APL) or the Family Housing Allowance (ALF).
  3. Move between the 4th month of pregnancy and the second birthday of the last born.

The Mobile-pas, for its part, is aimed at professionals required to travel because of their jobs. Depending on your area of ​​residence, you can obtain grants ranging from 1,900 to 2,200. To do this, contact an Interprofessional Housing Committee (CIL) of the action Ligament network.

One-way moving truck rental

If you rent a truck or utility vehicle to transport your belongings, objects, and furniture, know that you can subscribe to the one-way option. If you are moving far from the city you are leaving, this allows you to make the trip only once and leave the truck in your arrival city.

You should know that renting a utility vehicle is more expensive one way than a round trip. However, the greater the distance you have to travel, the more profitable this option will be: it will always be cheaper to pay for the one-way option than to pay the amount corresponding to fuel and toll for the return. So, in addition to being practical, the one-way option is often more economical!

Get boxes for free 

Beneath their harmless appearance, boxes are real financial pits. Every time a Removal companies birmingham uses one, they charge you for it. You don’t have to spend money to collect boxes. Every day, supermarkets get rid of boxes that have only been used once. Go to the store closest to you the day before your departure and ask a manager if it is possible to have a few boxes for free. It is with a smile on his face that he will say yes to you. Bingo! You have just saved ten or even a hundred euros.

Promotions on moving boxes

As soon as the moving date is set. Try to find boxes to pack your things. Attention ! This can be a false good idea and even a false good economy. In fact, the value in your boxes will certainly be higher than the savings you could make to buy a box.
So there may be no need to take the risk of packing your belongings in second-hand boxes.

It is wiser, if you want to save on boxes, to take advantage of clearance boxes. We regularly offer them in our online store. To find out more about our promotional boxes, do not hesitate to follow our advice

Call your friends to help you move

Now is the time to harness the power of friendship. Ask your siblings and close friends to help you move the boxes. It will cost you much less than hiring professional movers and what’s more, you will be able to laugh about it in a few years.

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