Chinese herbs for stress

Herbal Calm: Navigating the Benefits of Chinese Herbs for Stress Reduction

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Stress has become an inevitable element of everyone’s life. From meeting work deadlines to ensuring good grades, nearly everyone has something to stress about. Having a tensed mind sometimes becomes a hindrance in our everyday life. There are plenty of ways to cope with stress like meditation, journaling, recreational activities, and a lot more. One such gem is Chinese herbs for stress. This what we are here for today! In this blog, we are going to explore the best TCM store, best Chinese herbs for lowering stress levels, and potential benefits of these herbs. Let’s get calm our minds through natural ways!

My Dao Labs:

Expert in the field of TCM, My Dao Labs cures mental ailments with effective Chinese herbs for stress. With licorice, ginger, and 6 other potential herbs, they have designed an Emotional Balance formula to cater to people with stress problems. This unique blend of herbs helps to reduce stress, ease mental tension, cater to PMS symptoms, calm irritability, boost energy levels, and make your mood happier. Plus, the aroma and flavor of this blend is inviting. Embrace the benefits of this strong herbal formula from My Dao Labs and cheer up your mood in a matter of minutes. 

Effective Chinese Herbs for Stress Reduction and Their Fruitful Benefits:

Lowered stress levels cannot be achieved by just a single herb. Rather, it is a combined role where different herbs work together to combat stress. Take a look at some of the best Chinese herbs to ease your mental stress today.

  • Ginseng: Famous as the king of herbs in TCM, Ginseng is marked for its incredible stress-reducing features. It acts as an adaptogen to offer resistance against body’s stressors. Moreover, it boosts energy levels and promotes mental clarity, making your mind calm. It uplifts energy and stamina, helping the body to better tackle physical and mental stress, and improves cognitive function. Ginseng is also known to stimulate the adrenal gland’s release of stress hormones such as cortisol.
  • Goji Berries: Goji Berries are little red berries that are superfood as well as a remarkable stress reliever. High in antioxidants, they aid in relaxing the mind and enhancing sleep quality, ensuring you are never deprived of sleep. Their antioxidant properties serve to lower oxidative stress. Research revealed that Goji berries help to develop a sense of well-being and calmness, manage sleep disturbances, and support mental health, which is highly effective when body is under stress.
  • Astragalus: Astragalus is well-known for supporting the immune system. It plays an important role in alleviating stress and fatigue, which are common in many people nowadays. It is also involved in improving the body’s stress response, increasing energy levels, and managing chronic stress symptoms. In this way, it manages the physical influence of stress proficiently.  
  • Schisandra Berry: This berry is increasingly used to calm the heart and comfort the spirit. It’s renowned for its amazing adaptogenic qualities and special five-flavor profile. Moreover, it helps to improve mental performance, elevate endurance, and ease tiredness. With a calming effect on the central nervous system, it makes it useful against mitigating anxiety and improving stress resilience.
  • Jujube: Jujube, also known as red date, has nerve-calming properties. It is frequently used in TCM to manage anxiety and insomnia, marking it a great companion in stressful moments. Jujube has high content of vitamins, especially vitamin C, and minerals. It serves as a mild sedative and is used to soothe the racing minds. This herb is beneficial in treating sleep disorders and anxiety, which are clinical manifestations of stress.
  • American Ginseng: American Ginseng does not originally belong to China but owing to its amazing stress-relieving and cooling properties, it has been incorporated into TCM. It assists in balancing the body’s response to stress. It’s similar to the regular Ginseng but is equipped with cooling attributes. American Ginseng is helpful in reducing stress and fatigue. It also has proven balancing effects such as boosting energy levels without causing hyperactivity. d
  • Licorice Root: Licorice is a sweet root that harmonizes the benefits of other herbs. With its adaptogenic properties, it helps in adapting the body to stress and revitalizing balance in the body. It is often added as a harmonizer in different herbal formulas. Licorice root can also balance the effects of other herbs, guaranteeing the formula is well-harmonized and effective for stress relief. 


The synergistic effect of these herbs helps to cope with physical and mental stress. Chinese herbs for stress offer productive benefits. We always rely on Emotional Balance formula from My Dao Labs whenever things become slightly overwhelming for us. Also, women who are tired of dealing with PMS symptoms can find this product as a major game-changer. So, hop over to the website and order your pack of Emotional Balance today!

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