Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer Loyalty Programs

All You Need to Know About Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Programs 

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Gaining customer loyalty is one of the crucial aspects for any business to succeed irrespective of the industry they belong to. Today, business owners have started to recognize the influence of customers’ feelings on how they interact with the brand. Traditional loyalty programs offer free items with purchase only, which limits the opportunities to deliver a highly emotional experience for customers. 

In the modern business retail world, customers are value seekers and demand personalized customer experience, which means brands must reimagine their loyalty strategies with an Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Management Solution. In this post, we will find out what are Omnichannel loyalty programs and why they are essential for businesses to grow. 

 What are Omnichannel Loyalty Programs? 

 In simple words, omnichannel customer loyalty programs can be defined as the approach to deliver a meaningful engagement and an exceptional shopping experience across all channels whether it is from the website or online store. Customers today like to stay engaged with the brand on a variety of platforms, devices or channels with the expectation that each of them works together seamlessly.     

Consistency is the key component of omnichannel loyalty programs and using omnichannel loyalty programs, brands must include personalized recommendations, offers, and a seamless purchasing process with instant access to different devices. To make this possible, retailers must adapt & innovate their programs regularly to boost customer loyalty and enhance the customer lifetime value. 

 Benefits of Using Omnichannel Loyalty Programs 

Omnichannel loyalty programs are known for building profitable sales with higher customer retention rates as they facilitate brands to meet customers wherever they are and offer relevant rewards using their choice of currency – whether it’s frequent flyer miles, hotel points, or cashback. This flexibility attracts a huge number of repeat customers who are more likely to come back and spend more on the brand offerings. 

Benefits for Businesses 

  • Technologies For Better Engagement- Building Omnichannel loyalty programs that are aligned with the latest technologies such as chip-based smart cards, RFID, real-time point of sale, wireless e-tags, biometrics, etc. provides multiple ways to engage with customers. Customers just need to swipe and scan their apps for rewards and make payments anywhere they like -online or offline, thereby increasing brand loyalty and boosting sales.  For instance, a card-based loyalty program provides better convenience for customers as they don’t have to carry an additional card and can simply make payment with the registered card and automatically receive rewards every time they swipe. 
  • More Focus On Value- With the omnichannel loyalty program, brands unlock better opportunities to tap customer lifestyle making the brand identity more clearer in the customer’s mind as well. To make your program a success, you must align your program structure with the brand identity that will enhance the core message and connect the customers’ needs, passions, and beliefs.  For example, your brand can build advocacy by offering rewards to customers who donate used clothes to your store making a positive impact on your brand. 
  • Data-Driven Insights- Apart from boosting customer affinity for your brand, omnichannel loyalty programmes are known for providing data-driven customer insights. Businesses can store all the information about their customers in a centralised system and analyse them to learn about the latest trends in consumer behaviour and make smarter decisions to connect better.  For instance, from your omnichannel data, a café business can find out the most valuable customers who visit the store at a particular time or shop from a particular category. This helps you target locals during certain times of the day and attract more customers in that area.

Benefits For Customers 

  • Personalised Offerings- Customers today value personalization more than anything and they are even willing to share data with brands that can offer customised offerings. More than 90% of customers said that they are more likely to purchase from brands that can provide relevant offers and recommendations and 80% of them are willing to share their data for the same.  
  • Exceptional Experiences- Customers no longer want discounts or free products, they want exclusive experiences that money cannot buy such as VIP experience only for a specific audience to make them feel more special or privileged.  Brands must ensure that the loyalty programs they are building can hit the customers’ sweet spot with rewards having emotional value and exceptional experiences. Some common examples are exclusive shopping nights, event tickets, spa and Wellness treatments, free travel, early access to new product launches, etc. 

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Concluding Statement 

In the end, we can say that customer loyalty programs play a main role in building a strong and loyal customer base. This is because loyal customers are the ones who are more likely to purchase from your brand again and again they will also help you in bringing in new customers through their recommendations, which will boost sales. 

Get in touch with the experts of Novus Loyalty, an all-in-one customer loyalty platform to build a well-executed omnichannel customer loyalty program for immense benefits. 

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