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OILY SKIN (seborrheic skin) – how do we care for it? Cleansing oily skin

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A shiny nose, glowing forehead, and cheeks are not the only problems for teenagers. Oily skin is also increasingly common in people over thirty – mainly women, less often men. How do we care for it, and what do we not do while caring for it?

Oily skin is considered a necessary evil because of its appearance – oily skin is thick, earthy-gray-yellow, with visible blackheads, and sticky due to the sebum covering it. Despite all these disadvantages, oily skin has several advantages – it is resistant to wind and frost, tolerates water and soap well, its owners enjoy smooth, wrinkle-free skin for longer, and it does not dry out during aging. However, this type of skin is quite challenging to care for daily, and the excess sebum typical of oily skin is not only an aesthetic defect but also has a greater tendency to cause skin problems such as bacterial eczema, acne, or fungal infections.

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The fact that oily skin is covered with a thin, noticeable layer of sebum and the nose is visible from a distance is due to the greater-than-normal production of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. The fact that there is too much of it may have various reasons. The overproduction of sebum may be influenced by genes, disorders in the digestive system and metabolism, hormonal problems, especially excessive secretion of progesterone, stress, and nervous tension, some medications (e.g., lowering cholesterol), nicotine, inappropriate diet (especially one low in products containing vitamins A, C, B2 and E) and even improper care.

What cosmetics for oily skin?

It is not true that people with oily skin can only dream of a better appearance. Appropriate cosmetics and systematic care can restore facial skin to a healthy, fresh appearance, reduce seborrhea and enlarged pores, and remove blackheads. To achieve this effect, care should be synergistic – this means that the cosmetics used at individual stages must cooperate.

Therefore, for care, it is best to use preparations from the same Golden Pearl cosmetic line intended for oily skin. These should be oil-free cosmetics. The primary care set includes micellar fluid or make-up removal gel, an alcohol-free tonic, a delicate, light moisturizing and mattifying cream for the day, preferably with a UV filter, and a night cream that regulates sebum secretion. Mattifying blotting papers, peeling, and a face wash for oily skin complement the care.

To reduce sebum secretion, it is worth using creams for oily skin containing retinol (it is effective against acne in people with mature skin and has anti-wrinkle properties), vitamin E or B vitamins, especially niacin (vit. B3).

How to care for oily skin?

The rules for caring for this type of skin are similar to those for other skin types – but it is worth paying attention to a few essential details. Oily skin must be thoroughly cleansed with face wash in the evening and in the morning to remove the layer of sebum and dead cells remaining on it. After each washing, the face should be wiped with an antibacterial tonic that reduces the visibility of pores (you can also do it during the day to refresh it). You can apply mattifying tissue to the skin every few hours to collect excess sebum. Once a week, peeling is necessary to mechanically remove the remnants of dead skin (otherwise, the dead cells will block the pores, leading to blackheads and even purulent eruptions). After peeling, applying an antibacterial or pore-tightening Beauty Cream, e.g., Golden Pearl, is worth it.

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