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Features and functions of Solidworks software

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Any size of business can increase its efficiency with the aid of Solidworks. The “21st-century engineering design tool” is the mechanical computer-aided design programme, which is utilised by millions of designers and engineers worldwide. Here, students always suffer in completing assignments due to which they often seek Solidworks Assignment Help Perth. Most university students get confused with designs, and online experts help them to clear their doubts. However, there are two systems required for Solidworks, let’s discuss those.

System requirements for SolidWorks

Operating System

Windows users can use SolidWorks, although depending on the version of Windows, the following restrictions may apply:

  • SolidWorks is only compatible with Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 doesn’t have any support
  • Only SW2018 is compatible with Windows 8.1, while both SW2018 and SW2019 are compatible with Windows 7

Hardware System

University students get solidwork assignment on hardware systems. They ask online experts to do the assignment for them. However, the specifications listed below, according to Dassault Systems, are the absolute minimum needed to make the program function as intended. High-complexity assemblies, intricate drawings, simulations, and graphics are not expected to be carried out if these conditions are not met.

  • Storage – SSD
  • Processor – 3.3 GHz
  • Graphics Supported Graphics Card
  • Memory – 16 GB RAM

Dassault Systems does not officially support the use of Solidworks on GPUs.

SolidWorks features & functions

Solidworks is a parametric CAD application because each feature that is designed in it is based on the characteristics of the feature to which it is physically related. For example, associated secondary features will move down in the timeline if a major feature’s attributes change.

The brand-new Solidworks 2022 offers several distinctive selling points that set it apart from numerous other expert CAD applications. However, these tools have helped the program gain a reputation as one of the most “Promising Software” among engineers and designers. However, you will get an assignment helper online if you get stuck with an assignment or have any doubts about your assignments. Online experts provide top-notch solutions by which students get high grades.

Some important Solidworks features


Rendering that is suitable for presentations will be a piece of cake with the aid of Solidworks Visualize. Direct import of Solidworks CAD files into the program is possible, as are files that have realistic lighting, texture, and reflection.


Parts can be put through simulation-based stress tests to check for structural defects using precise measurement and robust analytical methods. One can monitor flow rates and compressions with the premium package, which eliminates the need to construct and test physical prototypes.


The drawing tools can be utilized after a part or assembly has been completed. The user can drag and drop various view angles to produce a comprehensive orthographic representation while it rapidly generates an exact 2D image of a part. By simply clicking on the surface or vertex and clicking to select the dimension that is being presented, dimensions can be added to drawings.


A part is prepared for fabrication after it has been evaluated. G-code produced by Solidworks CAM is ready for production and may be delivered directly to CNC machines.

Furthermore, you might receive a lot of solidwork assignment throughout the course. Many university students are submitting their assignments on time with the help of online experts.

What is 2D modelling in Solidworks consisting of?

The 2D design process is very well thought out and efficient. With the computer handling most of the work, you can complete a drawing in a few seconds. It will streamline and improve the entire 3D design process. The drawing function suite consists of:

  • Shapes – Circles, rectangles, lines, arcs, text, ellipses, polygons, and more.
  • Sketch Functions – Offset, move, copy, scale, trim, stretch, rotating entities, circular & linear patterns

What is 3D modelling in Solidworks consisting of?

Although there would be challenges, developing 3D forms in a CAD application from the most basic to the most advanced levels has never been more fun or simple. Some of the resources at your disposal include the following:

  • Extrusion – Extrude, swept, lofted, revolve, cut, hole wizard, boundary boss
  • 3D build tools – Fillet, mirror, rib, draft, shell, chamfer, wrap, linear-, circular-, curve-, or sketch-driven pattern

Use cases and application of Solidworks 

One of the top programs and a pioneer in its industry is SolidWorks. Following are some instances of how and where the particular toolkit can be used with Solidworks.


SolidWorks is regarded as a potent tool for producing engineering designs. Numerous design alternatives, assessments, and manufacture-based characteristics are available. SolidWorks is actually referred to as “The 21st Century Engineers Software.” It covers all aspects of production in an engineering organization, from initial conception to final manufacture, in order to make it as efficient as feasible.

Product Design

SolidWorks software may also assist product designers to realize their ideas because it provides speedy 3D modelling in SolidWorks and rendering options.

Colleges & Universities

SolidWorks is a well-liked option for instructing students in engineering and production design as well as how to effectively use industry-standard software. Students will learn topics more quickly thanks to its basic 3D form’s simplicity, and as lectures go on, the complexity could be taught with ease. There is a package for an educator that comes with tutorial and sample files as a basic teaching tool. Additionally, at a certain price, students can buy their software with one-year licenses. However, students often get doubts and can’t complete their assignments on time. Since they take Solidwork assignment help Gold Coast, they are able to submit their work before the deadline.

Official Support

Users would consult the Dassault Systèmes experts when a software issue arises. However, users of Solidworks can access live technical assistance as well as the SolidWorks Knowledge Base and the official support website. Most resellers will offer a base degree of technical help. This is typically relatively limited, but the majority of the time it has to do with the setup, installation, or first configuration of the program.

SolidWorks Community

While official support is accessible to users of a current SolidWorks subscription, those who purchase only a software license will not receive the additional advantages. Nevertheless, the SolidWorks community is accessible and cooperative when it comes to helping people who are having issues with anything SolidWorks-related.

Pricing & Licensing

Purchasing SolidWorks from a reputable source is a wise idea. As you might anticipate, there will be discounts available for purchasing in bulk, which will lower your prices for the software. Large design and engineering firms, businesses, and educational institutions all highly value this choice. But there is a danger that you could be deceived.

So, these are some uses and applications of Solidworks. You will know and understand about it in detail if you pursue the Solidworks course. However, you should not worry about the assignments as you will get numerous assignment help. That help will get help you save time and focus on other activities.


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