Gatineu Private clinics (Clinique privée gatineau)

Emergencies when you should visit a Clinic without appointment (Clinique sans RDV)

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Emergencies, pervasive these, situations are not situations which happen quite too often but there is absolutely no reason why these should be ignored. These are uninvited, unwanted and uninhabited. Every individual should be well aware of ways one should deal with the ideas of an emergency situation. Getting medical help right away for someone can save lives. Mitigating an emergency situation implies visiting a clinic without an appointment (Clinique sans RDV). In this article, we shall be exploring some situations where you do not need any prior appointment and what help you can receive.

7 situations when you can visit Gatineau Private clinics (gatineu privee gatinea)

In this section of the article, we shall explore some situations where you can visit a clinic without an appointment (Clinique sans RDV).

1. High blood loss

You can start to bleed even from the smallest cuts and bruises, but what happens when you are unable to tackle or take care of any of the intense situations? Circumstances when you cannot control the bleeding even with proper first aid treatment. Or when you have pierced through your skin, and the cut turns out to be too deep so much so, that you can see your bone and tissues. In all these cases the first thing you need to do is get into a clinic without appointment (Clinique sans RDV)Do not delay in getting first aid or there can be severe contradictions like feeling unwell or having a pale face.

2. Fits and seizures

As the name suggests seizures are common and happen to one in ten people, and of course have it once in their lives. But if these are so common a disease then why is it categorised in the list of emergency? Well in this disease the recipient feels dizzy, and there is some form of twitching, jerking or any kind of shaking. These symptoms can be viewed in some parts of the body and can occur in all parts of the body. If a person is having a seizure you must take that person to a clinic without an appointment (Clinique sans RDV).  Some of the most common fits and seizures that occur in people are those who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

3. Heart attack 

This is undoubtedly the most catastrophic situation which needs immediate help and can be remedied by visiting a Gatineu Private clinic (Gatineau privee gatinea). A heart attack is a cardiovascular emergency and should not be treated as any common medical emergency situation. A severe situation where there is a sudden blockage in the blood supply, accompanied by difficulty and shortness of breath, sweating and the victim experiences chest pressure, dizziness and light-heartedness. It is in these cases when you need to visit a Clinic without appointment (Clinique sans RDV). However, in some cases, people do not experience severe chest pain but mere discomfort which is similar to indigestion.

4. Breathing difficulties

Now as you know there are several reasons as to why you need to visit a private clinic and breathing difficulties are one of them. yes, it is a well-known fact that heart attack is the first thing that comes into our mind, but there are other symptoms like asthma attacks, allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, coughs and even colds. Apart from these, there are other kinds of symptoms like pain in taking breaths, feeling their chest is tight, experiencing short breathing, inability to catch a breath, breathing shallower or faster than what is normal. So the next time you have anything that you are allergenic make sure that you are prepared to go to a Gatineau private clinic (Clinique privée Gatineau).

5. Stroke 

After the fits and seizures, there is a stroke which is a serious and life-threatening medical condition which occurs due to the loss of blood supply to a part of the brain being cut. At this point, it is important to mention that strokes can often be misunderstood with any other breathing issue. To understand the implications, of how a stroke looks like, health professionals have created an acronym:

F: Face (is it drooping on one side? Is there difficulty or inability to move a part of the face?)

A: Arms (are you feeling any tingling or pain in one arm? Check if you can lift your arms)

S: Speech (are you slurring your speech? Are you able to respond coherently?)

T: Time (the faster the treatment, the greater the chances of recovery. Go to an emergency room as fast as possible.)

Remember, time is of essence. Strokes are extremely serious, and delays can lead to irreversible damage.  

6. Eye trauma

Just like all the other traumas, this is yet another trauma that you get when you are hit in the eye. This is because when you are blown into the eyes, or there is any other kind of retraction it results in the blood clotting and the skin is blackened under the eye. Some of the most common kinds of symptoms are bruises, pain, cuts, limited movement in the eye and clotted blood on the eyeball. Make sure there is proper medical help in all these situations.


In sum as we go on to wrap up this article, this is evident that in medical emergencies and their symptoms, you can control the situation in most cases. After you have witnessed all these symptoms or are suffering from any of these situations, then the first thing you need to do is visit the nearest Gatineau private clinic (Clinique privée Gatineau). Delaying in these situations can be a life loss thus, experiencing these wastes no time and seeking emergency help.

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