Custom Business Signs: An Affordable Way to Upgrade Your Brand Image

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Do your business signs properly show your brand image? Do they grab people’s attention as they walk or drive by? Custom business signs can be an affordable way to improve your brand visibility. They can help reinforce your branding, make you more noticeable, and better communicate with customers. 

Specially designed signs also tend to look more professional and of higher quality, which helps to promote your business identity in your area. Additionally, tech advances have made customised signs cost-effective options even for small businesses.

Design Tips for Custom Business Signs

An eye-catching and memorable business sign doesn’t happen by accident. Certain design strategies can help your custom signs effectively connect with viewers and convey your branding.

Keep Messaging Simple and Clear

The most important rule is to keep the messaging straightforward and easy to grasp. Signs only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. Viewers need to quickly understand your key brand, offerings, and identity. Prioritise these vital elements rather than cramming in extra words.

Make Your Sign Noticeable

Consider aspects like size, placement, colours, materials, and lighting that will help draw eyes to your business branding. For example, a lit sign often stands out against the evening sky. Placing signs perpendicular to the street also boosts visibility.

Use Quality Images and Branding

Including custom photographs and logos makes a longer-lasting impression than generic clipart. Prominently displaying your logo brings professional brand recognition. Paying attention to these design components results in effective marketing signs.

Use Contrasting Colours

Pick background shades that contrast against your sign’s lettering and logos. White or light colours typically work best for backgrounds, making black, dark blue, or bold font stand out. Avoid similar toned-on-tone colour combinations. The greater the contrast, the more your sign elements will pop clearly and remain readable during the day or when illuminated at night.

Spotlight Key Elements

Strategically use lighting, frames, coloured shapes, and outlines to draw immediate focus to your most vital sign content. For example, halo-lit sign boxes place an outer glow behind the text to accentuate the message. Circular or rectangular frames can encase a centre logo to spotlight that branding. This helps viewers quickly understand the main takeaway.

Consider Visibility Angles

Keep visibility in mind from both pedestrian sight lines close-up and vehicular lines of sight further away. Position tall pylon signs to grab attention from cars at a distance. Yet, they also utilise window signs, doorway banners, and sidewalk A-frames aimed at nearby foot traffic. Creating multi-angle visibility ensures your signs effectively promote passing traffic and those entering your location.

Benefits of Custom Business Signs

Beyond effective design, commissioned business signage also provides impactful advantages when it comes to promoting brand recognition, improving visibility for customers, and representing your unique identity.

Helps Establish Brand Image

A major plus of custom signage is the ability to intentionally create illuminated signs UK that represent your distinctive brand image and identity. This can go far in making a professional first impression on new patrons.

Serves as a Landmark

Well-placed personalised signs also function as visual landmarks to help customers easily locate your store. Signs with bright colours, unique shapes, and lighting often best highlight a business entrance.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Because modern sign materials like PVC and acrylic can be affordable, small businesses can likely buy stylish, customised signs. For the relatively low first payment, exterior business signs essentially promote your brand 24/7 to everyone passing by your shop. This can offset their upfront costs over months and years.

Reinforce Messaging

Link exterior signage with indoor displays echoing consistent designs, colour schemes, fonts, and phrasing. Unified messaging broadcast across signs, websites, packaging, uniforms and marketing materials improves brand recognition and retention. Repetition cements connections in customers’ minds. Leverage sign real estate to contribute to that streamlined look & voice.

Suit Customer Traffic Flows

Map out common customer access points and routes when designing navigational wayfinding signage. How do vehicles enter parking areas? Where do foot visitors approach entries and doors? 

Place directional arrows, parking guidance, doorway lettering and retail department indicators to best facilitate natural traffic patterns. Signs then pulled double duty, aiding convenient customer flows.

Enjoy Creative Flexibility

Unlike generic signs with set shapes and content limitations, fully customised signage gives businesses complete freedom to manifest branding uniqueness. Make sign boxes any outline, proportion, or dimension wanted. 

Highly personalised design touches like custom fonts, eclectic colour combos, dimensional elements, and photography integration further showcase an authentic brand personality that mass-produced signs couldn’t replicate.

Types of Custom Business Signs

Custom business signs typically fall into two categories: main exterior signs marking your shop from the road or far away and extra signs providing more branding and navigation help when viewers get closer.

Primary Signage

Your main roadside sign would be primary signage. Eye-catching primary sign options include:

  • Monument signs: Ground-mounted signs placed in front of your property
  • Pylon signs: Tall pillar signs with your branding at the top
  • Pole signs: Signs high on telephone-style poles for visibility over landscaping

Primary custom signs maximise visibility from afar. Their bigger size and strategic placement grab the attention of passing vehicles.

Secondary Signage

As patrons approach your shop, secondary signs can additionally boost curb appeal while aiding navigation onsite. Examples include:

  • Window graphics: Professionally designed window stickers displaying hours, services, products, or contact info
  • Door signs: Hanging signs labelling entrances and key internal spaces
  • Directional signs: Small exterior arrows or walking signs pointing to parking, doors, exits, etc.
  • Sidewalk A-frame signs: Movable signs like menus or daily specials boards

Secondary signs repeat logo, colours, fonts and messaging to strengthen brand recognition. They surround customers with visual reminders that they’ve arrived at your business.


A business’s signs have an oversized effect on brand visibility and community standing. Upgrading to thoughtfully designed customised signs represents an affordable tactic for conveying quality and competence. Proper exterior branding also helps entice customer traffic, simplify navigation, and anchor brand familiarity area-wide. With many budget options now available, local startups can employ custom signs to effectively showcase their identity. 

Their unique tailoring makes customised signs a prudent investment that essentially functions as round-the-clock advertising to expand your marketing initiatives. So, when wanting to increase your exposure or upgrade perceptions, explore custom sign solutions as affordable options to put your best brand image forward for patrons.

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