Bulk SMS for Small Businesses: Affordable Marketing with Big Impact

Bulk SMS for Small Businesses: Affordable Marketing with Big Impact

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Bulk marketing services are gradually dispelling the myth that they are unavailable to small business owners. The availability of SMS-capable marketing software has made it a useful channel for businesses of all sizes to reach their customers, including SMEs with limited resources.

Text marketing can quickly become your most economical channel for increasing sales and conversions if used properly.

Texting is a convenient way to communicate with friends. For small businesses, it’s a potent mobile marketing tool as well. Most Australians use their cell phone to send and receive text messages, also known as bulk SMS, and the vast majority of them are cell phone owners.

More importantly, bulk messaging has higher user engagement than other mobile marketing channels like email or social media. The majority of mobile phone users enable their devices to notify them whenever a new text message arrives, and most of these messages are read shortly after being delivered.

However, some business owners are wary of using bulk messaging as a promotional tool because they think the system is inefficient. In actuality, the top text message marketing services are inexpensive, simple to use, and extremely beneficial. Here are a few of the main arguments in favour of bulk marketing for small businesses today.

The most important bulk marketing strategies for small businesses

As a small business owner or marketer, you must take your budget into account when evaluating various marketing strategies. Which techniques, in other words, can you use to get the most value for your money?

There are several reasons why texting is effective as a marketing tool. Customers receive text marketing messages right away, even when they’re on the go, without an internet connection, or without smartphones.

Additionally, a typical phone’s bulk inbox does not have a spam filter. The format of text marketing, however, may be its most significant advantage. Customers can respond because they are short (a single message is only 160 characters), quickly consumed, and short.

Consider the ROI after looking at the following bulk marketing statistics:

Most bulk messages (98%) are read.

  • Within three minutes of being sent, 90% of bulk messages are read.
  • The response rate for bulk messages is an impressive 45%.
  • Think about the other forms of communication that will receive the same level of opening, reading, and response as bulk marketing. They are scarce and spread out.

However, there are still more advantages to bulk marketing, which are listed below:

  • Your bulk message can be received by anyone without a connection to the internet.
  • Your messages won’t be intercepted by spam filters in bulk inboxes.
  • There won’t be as much opposition to your message as there would be on other channels.

1. Customers can choose to take part.

The success of many conventional forms of advertising depends on the law of large numbers. You increase your chances of reaching potential clients by broadcasting your marketing message to as many people as you can. Spending money on marketing messages that many consumers will quickly forget or just ignore is required by this type of advertising.

Contrarily, bulk marketing relies on consumer consent. That implies that to receive messages about offers and promotions, your target market must first sign up for them. Businesses can greatly benefit from opt-in marketing. One is that customers who sign up to receive your messages are already very interested in your company or its goods. Another benefit is that you won’t waste time or resources pestering uninterested customers.

2. Platform

As long as you have a phone and a line, you can technically start a text marketing business. But if you want to be efficient, effective, and able to monitor performance, make an investment in one of the most potent bulk marketing platforms you can use throughout your entire company.

Utilizing these tools and marketing services will allow you to take advantage of SMS’s most important advantages in the fastest possible manner. In fact, as part of their packages, some platforms even give small business owners free text message marketing. Those services have limitations, of course, but they’re a good place to start if you’re just starting to look into texting as a marketing channel.

3. Educate your Customers

Many of your customers may have never engaged with a business in this way before because many brands do not currently have a bulk marketing strategy in place. They might be hesitant to give a company their phone number because they don’t know what’s in it for them.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to inform clients of the advantages of using bulk to communicate with your company and pacify hesitant potential subscribers. For instance, if you offer personalised pet portraits and want to contact potential clients via SMS, describe how a short message can make the communication process simpler.

4. Confirmation

A confirmation of their opt-in should always be included in your first bulk message to a new subscriber. Additionally, you ought to use this chance to reiterate the advantages of their choice to subscribe. In case they decide they are no longer interested, give them a way to cancel their subscription.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to set up the confirmation messages and opt-in forms for an bulk marketing campaign. Make sure the platform you choose already has these features built-in.

5. Create automated workflows and schedule texts.

Scheduled texts are most effective at promoting repeat purchases (e.g., monthly appointment reminders, annual equipment servicing, etc.). The right messages can also be delivered to subscribers who have been specifically targeted, at the right time, without any additional work on your part, thanks to automated workflows. That increases their propensity to make a purchase or carry out a desired action.

6. It can be sent out right away.

For both the advertiser and the consumer, bulk marketing’s brevity is a major selling point. In contrast to lengthy email promotions, bulk messages typically only contain one or two sentences, with the occasional link to a website with additional information about the promotion. Simply because messages are so brief, consumers are very likely to read them in their entirety. bulk messages are less intrusive than web pop-ups or phone calls because they can be read at the consumer’s convenience.

The small business owner with limited time can also benefit from bulk messages’ conciseness. It takes much less time and effort to plan and implement a promotion via bulk than it does with traditional advertising.

7. Offer specials and Discounts

Whether you are promoting a special deal or getting ready for a significant holiday occasion, it is in your best interest to get the word out.

Most likely, you already do that through social media ads and email, but bulk can give your marketing efforts a boost.

Despite being somewhat “busy,” it is effective because it states the offer clearly: make a qualifying purchase, and your discount will then be automatically applied. That implies that there is no room for misunderstanding when checking out.

Start your bulk Campaign right away with Guni!

It might seem impossible to use text message marketing for small businesses, but it’s possible if you have access to the right platform. You can take advantage of this medium through specialised software and even incorporate it into a larger, omnichannel campaign. 

You’ll experience better engagement and, as a result, higher revenues with Guni SMS. Additionally, you’ll be able to do all of that in a way that is both quantifiable and economical.

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